Current Research Projects

  • The Gloucester Smart House
    In partnership with Housing 21 and the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering, Dementia Voice has converted an ordinary 3-bedroom house on a sheltered housing complex into a dementia-friendly environment.
  • Extra Care housing for people with Dementia
    Housing 21 in partnership with Dementia Voice have recently commenced a challenging and ambitious 3-year study which will explore the extent to which people with dementia can be accommodated successfully in extra care housing and the factors which influence this.
  • Rehabilitation Services
    Dementia Voice is working with the Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England, Bristol, to research rehabilitation services for people with dementia.

Projects completed

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  • Home Improvement Agencies
    This report presents the findings of research which has been carried out in to how Home Improvement Agencies work with people with dementia.
  • Marginalised Groups
    The research aims to consider the service needs of groups which are marginalized even within the “Cinderella” services of dementia care.
  • Support Group Evaluation
    The Mental Health Foundation has funded the psychotherapy project. It forms part of a trend towards providing psychotherapeutic support to people who have been diagnosed with dementia. Six groups have been developed, facilitated and evaluated across southern England.
  • Enable Project
    Dementia Voice with their European partners in the UK, Norway, Finland and Ireland have been successful in obtaining European Union funding to undertake work to develop and evaluate enabling technology for people with dementia.
  • At Home with AT
    An Evaluation of the Practical and Ethical Implications of Assistive Technology and Devices to Support People with Dementia and their Carers.