An inter-agency group in Devon, working with specialist consultation from Dementia Voice has developed a template for Intermediate Care for People with Dementia. The work was sponsored by Devon County Council through the Performance Fund.

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The Template has the support of the Department of Health, and is recommended as a statement of principles for developing intermediate care services for people with dementia.

Consultancy – Service Development – Practice Development

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Our expertise is informed by:

  • best practice across the United Kingdom and abroad
  • current research
  • two-way contact with policy makers
  • on-going contact with professionals in medicine, health care, social care, housing
  • dialogue with practitioners across the South West
  • experience of working with, and listening to people with dementia and carers


Our expertise is in dementia care. As the majority of people with dementia are aged 65 or older, our work frequently links with services for older people with other mental health needs. Our links to other areas of expertise become especially important when working with:

  • Services for younger people with dementia, and
  • Services to people with a double diagnosis, especially people with dementia and a learning disability.


  • Strategy: working with agencies to develop a unified strategy for dementia care
    Example: we have been commissioned by a primary care trust to help to develop a Strategy for Dementia Care. We are working with • 3 primary care trusts • a hospital trust • a mental health trust • a social services department • representatives from the independent and voluntary sectors
  • Single service commissioning: working with a commissioner to define a single service
    Example: we reviewed existing services and clarified outcomes to enable a joint agency to develop its service specification for respite and day services for people with dementia
  • Single service development: working with providers to redefine service aims and implementation
    Example: we are working with a nursing home to review its role in rehabilitation of people with dementia, covering services based in the home and community outreach
  • Physical design and decor: advising on proposed and existing design of buildings to be used to care for people with dementia
    Example: we advised a local authority on plans to convert a floor of a tower block to accommodate people with dementia, making best use of a facility with major constraints
  • Practice development: working with managers and practitioners to strengthen care practice in provider establishments. This is frequently linked to our Training Service
    Example: our “Walk the Floor” service has helped managers and staff to identify key areas for service change in nursing and residential homes
  • Evaluation: testing the effectiveness of an existing service or the effectiveness of a change in practice
    Example: we are evaluating the outcomes of creating unitary management to a community mental health team

If you would like to know more about the way this service can help with strategic planning at an organisational level or at the level of a specific service, please contact  Chris Sherratt.

Chris Sherratt
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